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Ten Over Ten: Azawi drops maiden 2023 song

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Swangz Avenue singer Azawi, real name Priscilla Zawedde, has dropped her first music project of 2023 dubbed ‘Ten Over Ten’

The song is a vibrant and upbeat love song that showcases Azawi’s unique and soulful vocal style.

The song’s production by Bangar Boi is also noteworthy, as it incorporates elements of Afrobeats, dancehall, and pop to create a catchy and infectious rhythm.

The lyrics of the song are a testament to Azawi’s songwriting skills, as they are both poetic and relatable.

She sings about the love of her life, who she rates ten over ten and perfect in every way. The song’s theme is one that many listeners will be able to identify with, and Azawi’s delivery is both heartfelt and authentic.

While it is somewhat surprising that Azawi has not released the song’s video yet, it is possible that she is waiting for the right moment to unveil it.

It is also worth noting that releasing the song without the video may be a strategic move to generate buzz and anticipation for the forthcoming album.

Reports indicate that Azawi’s second album is in the works, and “Ten Over Ten” could indeed be the first track off the album.

Listen to Ten Over Ten below:

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