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Tears as boyfriend fails to show up for introduction ceremony

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By Henry Nsubuga

Drama ensued at Naggalama Cell in Nakifuma-Naggalama Town Council in Mukono district as a yet-to-be identified boyfriend failed to turn up for an introduction ceremony at his girlfriend’s home.

Mariam Nalubega, who had just returned from the Middle East where she works, was on Saturday left stunned after she waited for her boyfriend to turn up in vain.

Amidst pressure from smartly dressed family members who were seated in tents waiting for the groom’s people to show up, an overwhelmed Nalubega broke down in tears.

The function was organised at the home of Swaibu Busulwa, Nalubega’s maternal uncle.

After hours, with her boyfriend’s phones switched off and his entourage nowhere to be seen, Nalubega, who was flanked by her sisters and an aunt, emerged from the house.

With tears rolling down her face, Nalubega greeted the guests at the function and placed the blame on her father, Hamis Wamala Mugule, for frustrating the ceremony.

Some of the guests who sat for hours waiting for the ceremony to get started. Photo by Henry Nsubuga

“To my mother, I am so sorry for what has happened. But what you have to know is that I am not the first person to go through this frustration and I am not the last one. I am assuring you that this is not my last chance,” she said.

“Back to my father, I thank you for what you have done to frustrate me, but I will not take revenge on you. My prayer is for Allah to pay you back as per His wishes,” Nalubega said.

Muhammed Kaweke informed the guests at the function that he had received information that indicated that Nalubega’s boyfriend had been locked in his bedroom by his wife.

However, Nalubega and the rest of the guests at the function declined to reveal the name of the groom and where he hailed from.

Nalubega's father Hamis Wamala Mugule was reduced to tears as he addressed the media regarding her daughter's function that flopped. Photo by Henry Nsubuga

Wamala shows his home that was rejected by the daughter as the venue for the ceremony. Photo by Henry Nsubuga

Nalubega went ahead to cut the cake for the function and served it to the guests present.

The decorated seats and tables, which were organised for the groom’s entourage, remained empty although the one particularly reserved for the boyfriend was at some moments filled by some children.

Nalubega’s father Wamala said he was initially involved in the organisation of his daughter’s function, but that at the last minute, she changed the venue from his home to her uncle’s home, claiming his home was not presentable.

“When I insisted, she assured me that she was ready to use money to get a father, sisters and aunts to stand in so that the function goes on,” Wamala said.

Children playing in the chair which had been prepared for the couple. Photo by Henry Nsubuga

He, however, said that as a Muganda, it was not in order for him to go to the home of his brother-in-law to grace the introduction ceremony of his daughter.

A tearful Wamala lamented the fact that being poor did not give his daughter the right to denounce him.

“I just can’t imagine. Nalubega left this house when she was flying abroad, then when she comes back, she thinks I no longer matter to her because of being poor. That is wrong,” he said.

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