Friday, June 2, 2023
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Talent Africa wins bid to host ‘Ekyooto Ha mpango’

by Editorial Team
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Behind every successful event, there is always that unsung hero.
The person who takes care of all the finer details to ensure your absolute comfort and  enjoyment.
It’s for that and a village of other reasons that the Kingdom of Tooro chose Talent Africa a 360 entertainment company to host this years edition of “Ekyooto Ha Mpango”.
The cultural and festival was launched by the king himself “King Oyo” on his 26th coronation anniversary at Tooro Kingdom.
On the same historic day, the King hinted on their relationship with Talent Africa weeks before they were announced official hosts in what many described as a tight bid.
“We will partner with The Ministry Of Tourism,World and antiquities, UNDP for an annual unforgettable experience” Said Aly Allibai shortly after winning the bid.
Slated for 11th- 14th November 2021, it will commence with a royal tour that will see King Oyo hosting other royals from the Kingdom.
On top of that will be exhibitions at the Kingdoms Parliament in Muchwa, social sports activities etc.

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