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Take a good look in the mirror- Geo steady’s ex taunts him

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu    

If messy was a couple, then singer Geosteady and estranged baby mama, Prima Kardash Ndagire are one such couple.

These two have displayed some of the most toxic aspects of their relationships online without filtering anything.

  In the latest spat she has asked him to take a good look in the mirror after the singer slated her new man, calling him poor.

Just days after Kardash accused Geosteady of physical and emotional abuse; she has come out to defend her new relationship with her new man, Mr. Henrie.

 Prima has assured her baby daddy how she doesn’t regret moving on with the Galaxy FM radio presenter.

Geosteady shocked his followers when he took to social media to say his estranged wife moved out with a ‘Simple Rastafarian’. 

 He completed his thinly veiled dig by claiming that poor people like Mr. Henrie love more because that is all they have to offer.

Angered by her now ex’s post, Primah through a lengthy post listed why she had to move on from her rotten relationship.

The celebrated mother of two has also stated how she was contented with her next move since no body was born and created for a specific human.

She believes rejection isn’t meant for hate but rather redirection.

 She recommends that Geosteady needs to end his social media petty fights and jealousy, sit himself down, take a good look in the mirror and move on.  

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