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T. Amale apologises to Bizonto

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By Mariam Nakalema

It should have been recorded as one of the violent moments during the 2021 presidential campaigns, but the authorities were probably busy just having a good laugh. All hell broke loose when the Bizonto dismissed Dr. T. Amale from their group, claiming that he was engaging in partisan politics, something that goes against the group’s rules. T. Amale has now apologised to the Bizonto members and their mentor Omulangira Ndausi.

Bizonto is a comedy group that uses a church preaching motif as a form of social criticism. It is a call and answer format. Coupled with song, it has made the subject they tackle relate to a wide audience.

The fall out with T. Amale, more famous for mimicking Tamel Mirundi on Bukedde 2 TV, started when he crudely lambasted Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), then a presidential candidate. He received crude responses from Kyagulanyi’s followers in return. To make matters worse, Bizonto cut ties with him.

On Thursday, in a surprise move, T. Amale, with a pastor at hand, approached members of the Bizonto group and made a public apology at Radio Simba offices. “I am sorry for the abusive words I said. I was then misled by certain people. I acknowledge my mistake and I will never disrespect you guys again,” T. Amale said. The apology was accepted and hugs were shared. It was however made clear that although the apology had been accepted, he will not be re-admitted into the comedy outfit. “We have forgiven him, but not forgotten. He is no longer a member of Bizonto,” said Sabazonto, the troupe’s leader.

T. Amale also apologised to Omulangira Ndausi.

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