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Swiss Rolex watch maker moves to register brand in Uganda

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Swiss luxury wristwatch brand Rolex has moved to register the brand name Rolex and its logo in Uganda through the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). This comes at a time the popular snack of eggs, vegetables and chapatis, which goes by the same name in Uganda, has continued to gather international clout as a local delicacy and a much sought for tourism product.

The Rolex watch name has featured on the government registration gazette, which is part of the registration process.

Speaking to television on Thursday, May 18, Gilbert Agaba, the director of intellectual property at URSB, said they will look into both products. If they are distinct and would not cause any confusion, Rolex, the wristwatch brand, will be registered here.

“When we examine these goods and services, we also try to determine whether the consumers will be confused by the existence of two seemingly similar or resembling brands on the market. If they are not resembling and might not cause confusion, they will be registered,” said Agaba.   

In April, American media outlet The New York Times endorsed the Ugandan delicacy in an article titled, ““Rolex (an egg wrap, not a watch) is the breakfast to change your mornings.”

It left Ugandans online animated.  Uganda’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, Adonia Ayebare, wrote on Twitter: “The famous Rolex chapatti roll and snack from Uganda made it in the New York Times. Bravo.”

Recall Kampala Rolex Festival was launched in 2016 by the then state minister for tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda, as an endorsement of the rolex. It was commended as a purely Ugandan delicacy enjoyed by tourists. The rolex is said to have its origins in Busoga, eastern Uganda.

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