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Swangz Avenue’s Zafaran releases new song

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By Reagan Ssempijja

A few years after Swangz Avenue set Azawi’s career into takeoff mode, the Industrial Area-based record label has since embarked on pushing another fresh vocalist in the name of Zafaran alias Josephine Nakyoonyi.

With songs like Mwoto and Sweet Heart released earlier this year, Zafaran’s year is yet to be closed with a new track titled Ankuba, literally translated as crushing on a man.

Zafaran released both audio and video for the song earlier today, November 29.  

The all-luganda love ballad lyrically portrays a girl who is not afraid of professing her love and admiration for a young man.

Written by another remarkable novice – Tamugi – and produced by Grammy nominee producer Steyn, the song ably compliments Zafaran’s vocal abilities. 

For an artiste whose feet are yet to be fully immersed in the deep waters of the music industry, you could say that Ankuba would not be a mediocre start.

With the label’s signed artistes Vinka, Azawi and Winnie Nwagi already showing their musical identity, it is still not clear what Zafaran’s identity is likely to be, but from this song, she is probably being shaped to give a stronger touch on local music. 

The song is refined with some local pop, a pearl of melodies backed with mastered production from producer and instrumentalist Steve Keys.

The video was shot and directed by Aaronaire Pictures, with a flowing storyline of falling in love with a workmate. It was shot from National Library located on Buganda Road.

Solomon Tazibone, a celebrated fashion designer, made sure that the artiste nails the concept of the video in terms of outfits. 

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