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Susan Makula’s ex “boyfriend” to wed

by Editorial Team
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By Joan Murungi

It is a wedding season for Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his girlfriend Susan Makula. However, it is one that is bothering many of their followers. While they are happy at the news that Derrick Ainomugisha aka Vucci, who was in 2019 rumoured to be Makula’s ex-boyfriend, is getting married soon, they are not happy with the delay in resolving his divorce with troubled wife Margaret Bugingo.

In 2019, pictures of Derrick Ainomugisha, a TV presenter at Salt Media and Suzan Makula feeding each other cake raised people’s eye brows. These pictures were resurrected by social media in-laws at a time when the public had just got to know about her relationship with Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. Those in-laws then branded him Susan’s ex-boyfriend.

Ainomugisha then explained to The Kampala Sun that he had nothing going with Makula. “Our daddy (Bugingo) told us never to mind about what people say about us. I took that advice. I, Makula and Pastor Bugingo know the truth and that will not keep us bothered about people’s words,” he then explained.

How Ainomugisha met Susan Makula
Ainomugisha met Makula in 2011.The two were working for Pastor Sserwada before they changed to Salt Media, owned by Pastor Bugingo.

“If I did not date her by then, why would I date her now? Most of the pictures going viral are old. Can’t a man have a female friend without strings attached?” Ainomugisha said in 2019.

Getting married
Ainomugisha has for a long time been living a single life. A few days ago, he announced his intentions of wedding his soon to be bride called Amy.

“Wedding bells sounding louder than before. Please save the dates. Any time from now, Thafina aweleza akasala,” Ainomugisha revealed.
Vucci has already launched his wedding meetings. He proposed to Amy at the beginning of this year.

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