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Stray dogs terrorise Kalangala residents

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By Samuel Nkuba

Tension has mounted among parents and residents of four villages in Kalangala Town Council after stray dogs made several attacks on school-going children during early morning hours. 

The dogs hang in clusters of over 20, hiding in people’s gardens near roads. 

Robina Nankinga, a resident of Kizzi village, said the dogs attack travellers, aiming to harm them. 

“On Monday (June 13), they attacked some children who were going to school during the morning hours although the elders rushed to rescue them. 

“These dogs are becoming more wild. This morning they attacked a lady carrying a basket of fish in the market and eventually she lost everything to save her life,” she said.

Residents have appealed to district veterinary officers to look into the matter before the situation worsens to the extent of suffering with rabies that result from dog bites.

Fredrick Ssemakula, one of the affected residents, said they are keeping their poultry in closed doors due to the said stray dogs.

“In the past week, they killed my neighbour’s pig and goat, our chicken, ducks were promptly attacked, yet we cannot tamper with rescuing due to these harmful stray dogs.”

Dr. Cedric Mulindwa, the Kalangala district acting veterinary officer, said through a phone interview that they are yet to kill all the stray dogs that attack residents. 

The villages at high risk of the dogs include Kizzi, Mwena, Kanyogoga, Kalangala, Buggala and Lutoboka. 

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