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Stop with the Nina Roz on drugs rumours – Daddy Andre fumes

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer and music producer Daddy Andre has finally hit back at rumours that have been circulating for the last week or so about his lover, singer Nina Roz claiming she was somewhere choking on drugs. 
The alleged case of a relapse came out just months after she claimed to have been fully rehabilitated and did a few media tours preaching against drug use. Now Andre has asked those spreading the rumours especially in the media to prove it. 
“These people are lying. Do they have anything to prove she is on drugs? She is not. It is a bad thing to speak when you are not sure. You know people. I know she is not. They must be assuming,” he fumed. 
On allegations that their separation might have induced the relapse, because even in a voice-note, allegedly of him pinning Nina over drug use and infidelity leaked months ago, he deadpan said it was not his. He illustrated his argument using former German-French R&B duo, Milli Vanilli who were caught in 1989 lip-syncing because they never really voiced their records. 
“Me and her are still together. Those arguing that I released a voice-note know very well the story of Milli Vanilli who were big yet the audio was not theirs. So, the voice-note was not mine, it was someone else,” he claimed.

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