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Stop the marijuana vibe – Archbishop Ssemwogerere to artistes 

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By Mariam Nakalema

To mark All Souls’ Day, several local artistes gathered for mass at Rubaga Cathedral on Wednesday, November 2. It was during the mass that the main celebrant, Kampala Archbishop Paul Ssemwogerere, warned artistes about the dangers of abusing illicit drugs like marijuana. 

The archbishop said some people die before their time because of carelessness.

“Some people surprise God. They die sooner than expected. If God gave you 70 years, why die at 30 because of your mistakes?” Ssemwogerere preached.  

He also expressed worry about the continued loss of artistes due to drug abuse.

“The arts industry has lost many icons due to drugs,” Ssemwogerere said without mentioning any names.

He also explained why artistes take illicit drugs. It is something that took his youthful audience by surprise because he used jargon that they related to.

“Some artistes take marijuana in order to get vibe. It ends up ruining their lives at a tender age,” he said. 

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