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Stop misleading young artistes – Spice Diana breaks the silence, hits back at Naira Ali

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Spice Diana has finally taken responsibility and fired shots at fellow singer Naira Ali who weeks ago, without mentioning any names, accused some Ugandan artistes of frustrating the careers of others by paying the media not to play their songs. Some pay to have theirs on countdowns, she alleged. 
A section of Ugandans were fast to point at Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi as the artistes she was referring to. 
Now Spice Diana has assured her that music is a business, therefore, she should know that people invest millions and nothing is for free. She added that for Ali to act ignorant as if she does not know about all the moving parts of the industry is disturbing. 
“Music is a business. Those abroad thinking they are going to come to Uganda and promote their music on saliva should forget. You have to invest. We spend millions in videos, people like Naira saying people pay for their music to be played should be aware. She has been in music for some time,” Diana fumed.
She also accused Naira Ali of misleading young artistes with her claims, yet she has paid TV stations before to have her songs played.

“I know she has ever paid a TV station to play her song. If you do not, how do they benefit? At the end of the day you pay to earn. What she said is wrong. She should stop misleading upcoming artistes,” said Diana. 
However, she agreed with Naira Ali on the issue of some artistes paying to have their rival’s music not played claiming she has also been a victim.

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