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Stop lusting over my gym-honed body- Fille

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By Ahmad Muto

Since she was signed by new management, singer Fille Mutoni has been putting her body through a grueling gym regimen. The Love Again singer revealed her impressive body changes on Instagram – and she certainly looks in good shape even before she can show the taut abs.

The body changes have come with a warning. She has asked men yearning to date her to take a chill pill because her new gym body is a product of sweat, time and commitment, therefore, she isn’t ready to hand it over to any man.

For the same reason, she said she needs the breathing space she has had since separating with former manager and baby daddy MC Kats. She noted that she is single and very comfortable

“Things to do with love, please first let them be those ends. I need breathing space. I am single and comfortable. Men that are lusting over me should know I am not out here for them. The body I am working for is for me, you can keep your love there and I remain here also loving you all,” she said.

Fille signed with a new management, Maritini Entertainment recently after a long time off the music scene. However, they have asked her to hit the gym and drop the extra weight to get back her stage verve.

She broke up with MC Kats in 2019, and that was the end of their professional relationship as well, under Kats Music.

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