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Stop kissing Weasel, fans scold Chameleone

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By Alfred Byenkya

Fans of musician Jose Chameleone (Joseph Mayanja) have urged told him to stop kissing his brother, Weasel (Douglas Mayanja).

Despite Chameleone holding a successful music show at Lugogo Cricket Oval on February 24, the kissing incident has left many asking questions on why they did it.

Doreen Kabareebe, a model and a fan of Chameleone, used her social media platforms to condemn the action, saying it will destroy their music careers.

“Dear Mayanjas, we know you guys love one another as blood brothers, but this business of kissing each other should stop. If you want to continue doing it, please do it privately,” she advised.

Isma Olaxess, commonly known as Jajja Iculi, also condemned the Mayanja boys over kissing.

“Overall, the concert was a success, but the kissing incident killed everything. Chameleone and Weasel, please stop this nonsense of kissing yourselves,” he said on a local television entertainment show on Saturday, February 25.

The first kissing incident between the two brothers was recorded in Tanzania when they went there for a music show.

The incident left Chameleone’s East African fan base asking why the brothers kissed and have continued doing so at different concerts.

The two have been performing together since the death of Weasel’s singing partner Mowzey Radio in 2018, following a bar brawl.

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