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Stop judging women who bleach, blame the environment – Lydia Jazmine

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

As much as there are no signs she has bothered touching bleaching creams, singer Lydia Jazmine has asked the public to desist from judging women who have done it because they do not know their story. She said she has not bleached because she was raised by a beautiful black woman, her mother. However, those that have should not be subjected to society’s harsh judgement because their action is a product of the environment they grew up in.
“Sometimes we blame these people, but the environment people grow up in matters. Most of these girls who bleach, you find, learnt from their mothers, so they learn to hate their skin colour. If I was raised in such an environment, I would have bleached years ago. I am proud of this colour,” she said.
Early this year, veteran singer, Chance Nalubega said bleaching has been around for generations and claimed men are the reason, arguing that there is a way men appreciate light-skinned women, making them first choice.

Like Jazmine, she said it started with their mothers or even earlier, when light-skinned women were called angels and are showered praises in folklore, leaving dark-skinned women insecure.

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