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Stop humiliating artistes by ranking them – Ragga Dee

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Ragga Dee blamed those that have turned ranking local artistes into a career for bringing all the problems affecting the music industry with its key players. He attributed all the issues that have been associated with some artistes, like Jose Chameleone, over the years to ranking them.
“When you start telling artistes that you are number this, it is when you see all these problems you have been seeing. All these artistes – Bebe Cool, Chameleone, Bobi Wine have been getting problems because of being told number one, two and three,” he said.
He was responding to a question on a local television station about singer Jose Chameleone’s standing as an artiste; whether he is on the rise or his career has taken a nose-dive.
He added that the Leone Island boss has made his contribution to the industry that no single act will erase and therefore he should not be subjected to the kind of disrespect he received the past week.
“Chameleone has made a huge contribution. We were with him before he went to Nairobi, Kenya. We travelled to Burundi, Rwanda all looking for how to break through. When he went to Nairobi and returned with Mama mia, he made many believe you can go outside and sing a language that is not yours and be appreciated. Swahili made some think he was Kenyan. He has made a huge contribution and does not deserve the taunting he has been receiving,” he explained.
Ragga Dee also argued that in Buganda, people are taught to kneel when receiving visitors, gifts and therefore, as a Muganda, kneeling while receiving a Range Rover 2020 worth sh500m should not be a big deal.

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