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Stop calling me the baby daddy of Uganda – Bruno K

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Bruno K has called out his critics that have since taken to trolling him with the label of “singer with the most children in the music industry.”

According to him, the media has partly contributed to giving him this unpleasant reputation by sensationalising his woes with his baby mama, a one Vanessa, early this year.

“How many kids do I have? The ones always in the media? Two! Does that mean I am having children everywhere? Should it be fronted as the most children in the music industry? Does that make me the baby daddy of Uganda?” he ranted while appearing on a local TV station on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

In March, the singer dominated entertainment news after it was alleged that he had neglected his son, Seth Kiggundu, whom he had with Vanessa. This was revealed by one of the baby mama’s friends who accused him of not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father. DNA results the following month indicated that the baby is his.

This week, the singer shared on social media that he has been abstaining from sex for close to a year because it brought him problems.

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