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State withdraws red beret charges against Entebbe butcher

by Editorial Team
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By Douglas Mubiru

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Director of Prosecutions has withdrawn red beret charges against a butcher.

Julius Buwembo, 32, aboding at Katabi village, Entebbe municipality in Wakiso district, has been battling the charge of unauthorised wearing of uniforms since 2020.

The charge contravenes Section 164 (1) (b) of the UPDF Act, 2005 and attracts a maximum sentence of five-year imprisonment, on conviction.

Appearing before the General Court Martial (GCM) on Monday, state prosecutor Lt Alex Rasto Mukhana told court that he had instructions to withdraw charges from Buwembo.

“My lord chairman and honourable court members, this matter is coming up for hearing, but I have instructions from my boss, Maj. Raphael Mugisha, to withdraw charges against the accused,” Mukhana told court without stating reasons for their withdrawal of charges.

This prompted GCM chairperson Brig. Gen Freeman Robert Mugabe to release the accused saying: “You are now a free man unless held on other charges”.

Buwembo’s release came a week after defence lawyers, led by Betty Karugaba, invited the court to dismiss the case, saying prosecution had failed to try their client for close to three years.

“This is a 2020 case. It is expensive for the accused to keep hiring lawyers and travelling whenever the case is called, yet the prosecution has no evidence pinning him. We pray that the court dismisses the case because there is no evidence pinning the accused,” Karugaba submitted.

The prosecution had alleged that on or around November 2020, while at Katabi village, Entebbe municipality, without authority, Buwembo was found wearing a red beret, so nearly resembling one authorised for use by members of the defence forces as to be likely to deceive.

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