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Star-studded new sitcom The Kojja coming to Pearl Magic Prime

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By Kefa Senoga 
There’s never been a better time to be a con artist.  Con artists manipulate their victims into believing them to be who they are not. These circumstances are represented in the just premiered comic drama on Pearl Magic Prime Known as the Kojja which premiered on April 20.
The Kojja drama is relevant in our daily lives due to the fact that the business of “Ssenga (aunty), Kojja (uncle) which is associated to the traditional way of receiving relationship guidance and counselling is thriving in the contemporary society.
The fact that these traditional counsellors deal with desperate people who have relationship challenges, con artists have seen this as an opportunity to muscle in this business and take advantage of the victim’s naivety.
Ponsiano Maraka who plays the lead role of the Kojja takes advantage of a moment to establish himself as a Kojja. Speaking at the premiere, Ponsiano says that the Kojja thing is a hoax to some extent.
“I was in my own world running from people who were demanding me money and so I had no idea of how I will pay them, then I bump into this office that offers counselling services for a pay and therefore I seize the opportunity by claiming that I am a Kojja who also offers relationship guidance,” Maraka said.
Ponsiano Maraka originally known as Amon Nuwamanya has featured in various stage productions and films such as government inspector as the judge which was directed by Philip Luswata, Yat Madit by Irene Kulabako, beneath the lies by Nana Kagga and the campus by Philip Luswata.

Some of the invited guests at the premiere of Kojja at the Multichoice offices in Kololo (Photo: courtesy)

Joel Atiku Prynce joins Amon as his workmate. He, however is the modern counsellor who holds a PhD and is referred to as Dr. James Kamoga in the drama.
Prynce is an award-winning actor and film director who has featured in several films like hearts in pieces, battle of the souls, I am a slave, the river and the mountain, state research bureau and strings.
The cast is also joined by other experienced actors and actresses like Tania Shakirah Kakindi who acts as the offices all round admin girl called Aphohia. She has featured in the coffee shop, power of legacy and my husband’s wife.
Eron Bazongere Nalongo who acts as Boss Maria, mentions that she first appeared on stage in 1990. She has featured in over 25 stage plays of the Bakayimbira and films like the horizon, marriage chronicles, lookers, false dreams and the hostel.
Dilman Dila, the producer of the Kojja is an award-winning film maker and has been shortlisted for several prizes as a writer. He is also the producer of Mama and Me that is currently airing on Pearl Magic Prime.
“We have rich stories in Uganda but most of the time we don’t want to tap into our cultures so that we tell stories that reflect our identity,” Dilman said.
One of the viewers at the premiere of the show known as Patu from South Africa appreciated the talent that Uganda has got.
“Today I just realized that even with the guys speaking local languages, looking at their expressions and also the quality in terms of acting and movement of the camera, I realized that Uganda is really talented in terms of local content,” Patu mentioned.
Josephine Namuddu, the brand manager of GOtv Uganda said that one of the things they enjoy tackling at Pearl Magic Prime is investing in exciting new projects and their aim is to bring content that is relatable and appeals to the emotions of their viewers.
With shows like Kojja, we aim to bring comic relief to our daily lives through stories that are derived from the Uganda cultural practice of marriage counselling. We want to continue growing the creative industry and empower local talent.” Namuddu emphasized.
The show will be airing every Friday from April 22 on DStv channel 148 and GOtv supa channel 305.

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