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Ssegirinya excites women with offals for every child they produce

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

The maverick Kawempe North member of parliament, Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya has made yet another offer to his electorates after completing his Kawempe North Hospital. 
He announced on the morning of Friday, July 30, 2021 that for every child born at the hospital, two kilogrammes of offals would be given to the family. “Each child you birth at Kawempe North Hospital you get yourself a prize of two kilogrammes of Byenda,” he tweeted. 
This triggered the Mbarara city south member of Parliament, Hon. Mwiine Mpaka who reacted by also promising a calf to those who give birth at Mbarara General Referral Hospital. “Those in Mbarara Referral should come for a calf each”. 
Important to note is that Ssegirinya’s target audience warmed up to the news:
Sherinah Kemigisha: “Somebody should get me pregnant banange because what is this! Long live Mr. Update.”
Jemimah-SG: “This offer will make everyone shift to give birth from Kawempe. Thanks Honourable.

Plus, a huge number of people seem to be planning to move to Kawempe North given every move he makes, it seems like his colleagues from other areas are yet to get to work. First, he promised a hospital. Delivered! Promised ambulances. Delivered! Food. Delivered! Now this. 

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