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Spice things up in the bedroom, Kulthum told

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By Joan Murungi

She has a PhD, is fairly wealthy and for that matter one couldn’t put it past her to ration things in the bedroom.

During her introduction ceremony on Friday, the late Sheikh Muzaata’s widow, Kulthum Nabunya was told to be a tigress in the bedroom so to keep her young and energetic man happy. 

“Appetize your man. Wetege (lay traps) when you’re home together by putting on something lacy.  Do not put on a Shariya during such moments. Those things of putting on promotional t-shirts aren’t nice at all. Men don’t like them,” Sheikh Sulaiman Lubega Guggwa told the bride.  

The ceremony that kicked off at 2:00Pm ushered in the soon to be groom and the in-laws with a traditional song performance from a music and dance troupe.

Acram Gumisiriza during the introduction ceremony. FIle Photo

In the attendance of Joseph Tamale Mirundi, friends, relatives and different religious leaders, the celebrated congratulated the couple upon reaching this milestone.

He went ahead and put to shame all those that have been throwing barbs at Kulthum’s relationship.

“Some people have said so many negative things about her love life. There is nothing you can say now. Kulthum has made it. Marriage is a good thing that makes people happy.”

Sheikh Guggwa told Acram never to make her bride cry. He advised the couple to create more room for a happy and special relationship.

Sheikh Guggwa have the couple tips on how to keep the fire burning in the bedroom. Photo, Joan Murungi

“There is nothing as good as friendship. Show her friendship from A up to Z and that’s when marriage will be sweet for you. She is a very girl who is ignorant about so many things. Teach her everything, “He cautioned.

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