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Spice Diana vows never to perform at UG Connect concert again

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Spice Diana who was among the first artistes to grace the UG Connect E-Concert has now rubbished it vowing never to set foot on that stage again. Her argument is that it is very unsustainable and there is no way it is helping artistes or the music industry. 
“I do not see myself ever performing there again. There is no way it is going to fix the local music industry. They should open concerts. When we were open, we were not performing once a month,” she said. 
Hours after her performance while appearing on a local television station with one of the organisers, Halima Namakula, she expressed her reservations about the idea, questioning its viability and the fact 54 concerts implies the local industry would remain closed for 54 weeks which is a whole year and more. 
There were also arguments that artistes where being underpaid for their performances. She said for her case, she received the amount she asked for.
“I will not speak for other people, but I was given the money I asked for. Like you negotiate for a show, what we asked for is what they gave,” she added. 
The UG Connect concert kicked off in earnest in mid-July, a project under the Operation Wealth Creation to enable artistes earn since concerts were banned to curtail the spread of Covid-19. 

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