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Spice Diana spices up Barbie Kyagulanyi’s birthday shoot

by Editorial Team
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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

On Monday, Bobi Wine”s wife Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi aka Barbie posted glammed up pictures of her in a full dripping black dress on her social media platforms which pulled attention of many followers. These filled her comment sections with positive messages and wishes.

In her post, Barbie thanked Ugandan artist Namukwaya Hajarah aka spice Diana for sponsoring her look for the day as well as the photoshoot. “Spice Diana did this to me. I love her for having taken me out of the comfort zone to have these photos taken,” Babra Itungo posted on face book.

In a social media post, spice Diana also came out to say “Wooow look at my mula So stunning and beautiful, happy birthday to you my darling @barbiekyagulanyi” she posted. She also added on that’s she is so happy she chose the right people to work with to bring out the best of the shoot and Barbie loved every.

Barbie Kyagulanyi looking resplendent in a long overflowing black dress

Namukwaya and Kyagulanyi are both from Mbogo clan reason why she calls Barbie “Mula” a title from the Kiganda culture meaning a wife to my brother. Today is also Barbie Kyagulanyi’s birthday.

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