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Spice Diana denies inflating own social media figures

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By Hussein Kiganda

Songstress Spice Diana, whose real name is Hajara Namukwaya, has dismissed allegations that she inflates her social media following to gain popularity.

There has been buzz on social media about celebrities who pay to increase their social media numbers, and Spice Diana’s name was mentioned.

In a recent interview, the Siri Regular singer clarified that her social media numbers are purely organic.

“I am not an IT person to have my numbers fabricated. I work hard, and I get authentic numbers. People should know that I have a significant following across the world, and these are the people from whom I derive my numbers,” she stated.

Spice Diana said the strength of an artiste lies in the social media numbers they possess, as these numbers attract endorsements and significant opportunities. She noted that social media numbers demonstrate an artiste’s power and influence.

“When I have big numbers, I receive endorsements, and companies usually research the reach of my posts, the number of views and engagements with the posts, among other things,” Spice explained.

Furthermore, she emphasised that online numbers are not solely determined by the amount of time an artiste has spent in the industry, but also by what’s trending.

Spice believes that an artiste can enter the industry and gain one million followers in a day if they are trending.

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