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Spice Diana considers marrying her manager

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Looks like the media is slowly getting singer Spice Diana to open up about the speculations that have existed since 2016 – her relationship with her manager, Roger Lubega that is believed to be more than professional.
While appearing on a local radio station on Friday (October 29) she uses the ‘but he is married’ line, instead indicating that she is more than willing to take the risks and put the speculations to rest.
Responding to a question on whether they are dating or not, she said: “It is not true, but if at one time it ends up like that, who am I to say no?”
Six months ago at her manager’s birthday, Spice Diana said it would have been impossible without Roger to build her into the star she is today. However, in regards to their publicly close artiste-manager relationship, she said he has been a brother, a father, best friend and business partner who has changed her life for the best. At her birthday days ago, she announced that she will reveal her man real soon.

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