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Spice Diana claims her online skits are doing as well as her music

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Spice Diana has revealed that she is as much of a good actress as she is a musician. The claim is based on the fact that her online skits have become so popular that she now invests as much time and art as she does creating music. She also added that it is a cash cow because it compliments her numerous local endorsement deals. 
“I started acting before I started singing, but its music that gave me fame. It does not take off (sic) the acting talent in me. It is the endorsement deals that enabled me to let you all know that I have the talent too and I wanted to grow it,” she said. 
The Body singer also noted that she shares them across social media platforms – TikTok, Instagram and Facebook – and were the first to get her over 100,000 views. 
“I share my skits on my Instagram and Facebook pages as well. They get the most views compared to all the other things I post. When you look at all my videos on Instagram, the most watched are the skits. They are the ones that first earned me 100,000 views. From the comments and views, it shows they are enjoying them,” explained. 
Spice Diana’s Instagram page is filled with a number of skits, most times flaunting the products of the companies she has endorsement deals with.

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