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Special effects makeup artist blasts filmmakers over underpayment

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By Hussein Kiganda

Special effects makeup expert Esther Nakaziba has criticised filmmakers over not paying their colleagues what they deserve.

Nakaziba has faced criticism in the past for bringing interns with her to film sets, which has upset some of her employers.

However, she urged filmmakers to support her instead of criticising her, saying it is the only way to help emerging makeup artists learn more about the craft.

Nakaziba was speaking during the Film Club Session at the National Theatre in Kampala on May 9, 2023.

“If you see me on set with the young girls that I teach, please do not chase them away because it’s the only way they can learn. They also want to be as good as I am,” she said.

Nakaziba’s work involves creating realistic-looking fake wounds, bruises, swollen faces, rotten skin and more, as desired by the project’s director. Some of the projects she has worked on include The Honorables, 27 Guns, Bed of Thorns, Kafa Coh, Prestige, and various commercials.

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