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Speaker Among claims there is a plot to assassinate her

by Editorial Team
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By Mary Karugaba

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, has asked the Prime Minister to investigate individuals whom she said were out to assassinate her.

Among told Parliament that she has received a report about plans to assassinate her and that she is still being followed.

The Speaker, however, stopped short of revealing the source of the report or further details.

“This is not hearsay. It is real. Even up to now, my car is still being followed. Please take this matter seriously and take it on with the Minister of Security,” she said.

Among said she had only shared the issue with the Leader of Opposition, but “I am now sharing it officially.”

The Speaker said the issue of abductions and assassinations was ‘terrible’ and the Government needs to take it seriously and bring the people involved to book.

In response, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, who was visibly stunned by the information, said, “We cancel that demon.”

“The Government respects the rule of law. We are always praised for the security of this country and whoever tampers with it, will be dealt with. These isolated cases will be investigated,” she said.

Among’s concern was brought to the fore after several Members of Parliament complained about several cases of abduction taking place in the country.

MP Hassan Kirumira raised the issue of Jakana Nadduli, the son of Abdul Nadduli, whom he said had been kidnapped by unknown people and taken to an unknown place.

Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, said he had received a complaint from a family in Nansana about the abduction of their daughter, Edna Nalubwama.

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