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Speaker Among blocks debate on Oulanyah’s poison claims

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By Mary Karugaba

Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has blocked debate on former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s poison claims saying his death should not be politicized.

“We are not going to allow Oulanyah’s death politicized. We are still grieving let things of investigations go on, if it’s true, that he was poisoned, let the culprits be got,” she ruled.

This was after the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga expressed concern over the way government was handling the matter and demanded to know whether the investigations would not be targeting some Politicians.

“I am concerned whether the way the matter is being handled will be investigated properly or the state is just politicking. I want to ask the Prime Minister to ask the Prime Minister whether they are in charge or just in disarray. Why disturb the old man who has lost a son and threatening him with arrest?” Mpuuga asked.

Among however asked the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to explained whether the information by the media is what is on the ground.

Nabbanja dismissed the allegations of government being in disarray and said the investigations are being done by professional people who should be left to do their job.

“We have profession people who are doing this. Let’s give them time to do their job. They will do a profession job. Let’s not politicize our brother’s death,” she said and asked to sit.

After Nabbanja’s remarks, several MPs stood up to contribute but Among instead moved to another item.

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