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Social media condemns Chameleone, bodaboda rider assault incident

by Editorial Team
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By Jeff Andrew Lule

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone is under fire over beating up a bodaboda rider who allegedly knocked his vehicle.

This follows a video making rounds on social media platforms where Chameleone is seen lashing mercilessly at a bodaboda rider. The video shows the rider trying to advance toward Chameleone, but is later lifted away by his bodyguards.

Chameleone is later seen getting back to his vehicle (Black Range Rover), amidst the protection of his bodyguards.

Some of the angry bodaboda cyclists are heard in the video hurling insults at Chameleone and his bodyguards, accusing them of beating their colleague for no reason.

It is not clear exactly when this incident happened, but reports indicate that the singer was on his way to his home.

However, many people took to Twitter to condemn the singer’s actions, saying it was uncalled for and an act of indiscipline, while others defended him, saying bodaboda riders deserve to be put in order given their unruly behavior on the road.

Chameleone is expected to hold a massive concert, Gwanga Mujje, in February after over three years without holding any concert.

 Noah Owomugisha @NoahOwomugisha1 wrote: “Talented, legend, champion, call him all sweet names and yes he is, but he is very indisciplined.”

Issac Tugume @issac_tugume: “This is so horrible… so Chameleone has also started the impunity… just like most of his benefactors? The world is watching!!”

However, Brian The Mixologist🌼 @brianmixologist defended Chameleone’s act saying: “If you own a car, you must be aware of how boda guys behave towards car drivers. After putting a dent on you, he abuses you and then rides off. Let them get to order too. You won’t understand this until you own a car and know the cost of maintenance”.

Kabanda David @DeliciasKabs: “Don’t know what happened to civility, but Chamili still behaving like this baffles me. Ka guy is a musujja with metallic legs and doesn’t think twice. Now if the boda guy/s retaliated and he ends up at case clinic like the former..😏”.

Tracy ll @Tracylanae2: “The hooligans here saying maybe he’s gat a concert stop, indiscipline is indiscipline. What if it’s your dad, I even heard them saying he didn’t do anything, banange Mayanja family nedaa.”

Michelle@life @MichelleAnkunda: “He deserved it and boda guys will never accept they are wrong, they will even deny it and blame it on another person when you saw him knocking you when all ganged up on you… what do they think they’re… they are the worst on the road tobanyogeza… and his concert will be lit anyways.”

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