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So you do what? – Karole Kasita on baby daddy queries

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By Ahmad Muto
As the tradition has been for years, every time a female public figure shows up with a bulging tummy, the first question is the identity of the baby daddy, especially for those not married.

It is singer Karole Kasita’s turn to receive and respond, grudgingly to the questions, because, well she is posting photos as if to reveal she has a bun in the oven.
On Instagram she shared a photo on Saturday, October 30, 2022 with the caption: “Somebari said weekend, I said lessiii gooo!”
One of her followers sought to know the identity of the man behind the bulging tummy: “But who owns that person inside you? Just asking for my friend.”
She replied with a “So you do what?”

Starting September, her fans have been restless especially after noticing her tummy hard developed a very uncharacteristic bump. However, she has not withdrawn from the public like some public figures do only to surprise their fans with baby news, she has been performing.

Videos have emerged of her performances and rehearsals that have unsettled her fans.
She trashed the reports in September claiming that her weight gain was a result of eating a lot without working out. And nobody should worry because she had not started eating mangoes yet.

The last time a section of Ugandans were this busy, it was over singer Juliana Kanyomozi who never revealed her pregnancy but the news of her new born. What threw the “Who is the baby daddy?” group off balance is that not even the face of the baby has been revealed yet.

Born in 2020 at the height of Covid-19, she revealed last year that she dated her baby daddy for seven years, and added that he is a very private person. 

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