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So what If I’m pregnant?- Lynette Xen scoffs

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By Mariam Nakalema

Last year, Urban TV’s Tumbiiza Wishlist presenter Lynette Xen furiously refuted claims that she was pregnant.

 This was at a time rumours swirled that she had conceived for Pastor Andrew Jjengo.  She rubbished the rumour and maintained that she is just close friends with Pastor Jjengo having known each other for a good while

“The pregnancy allegations are false and baseless. Why would anyone make up such unrealistic rumors just out of the blue?  I am neither single nor searching I am contented in a relationship with the love of my life who I am not at liberty to mention.” She then said.   

Lynette Xen has responded to the latest pregnancy rumours. File Photo

It appears her stance has changed.  Last week the same rumours resurfaced. This time she has taken a different approach.  “So what if I am pregnant. All I can advise girls, pregnant or not is to first love themselves.  Don’t get frustrated and don’t even think of abortion even when you are not sure of the father of your unborn child,” she said.

She then as much as confirmed the pregnancy rumour was true.  “I am happy with my pregnancy because my man loves me so much and he cares,” she revealed while at a Pool Party held at Spa Mania at Freedom City on Entebbe Road.

Lynette said her man is a media-shy businessman in Kampala

Lynette Xen addresses her pregnancy rumours. Video by Mariam Nakalema

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