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Snakes bite – Irene Ntale on Swangz Avenue

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By Ahmad Muto
On Wednesday, September 29, 2021, singer Irene Ntale held a question and answer session with her fans and tried to reply to every question she was asked, however uncomfortable or personal.
One of the first questions was about her former record label, Swangz Avenue and it was as if she expected it given every time her name pops up, the label name is normally in the neighbourhood. A fan @SimonAjusi asked: “If Swangz Avenue gives you an opportunity of a reunion, would you take it?” To which she replied: “Snakes bite.”
Meanwhile, @LyricalMycheal asked her about the one lie about her that people seem to believe. Well, Ntale said: “People honestly believe I bleach and wear fake bums.”
And the questions about her music career that seem to have taken a nose-dive since exiting Swangz Avenue came, some even said she retired. She stated that she had taken a break because of Covid-19.
Ntale exited Swangz Avenue in 2017 after months of speculation. It came with a lot of drama and the fallout was documented, seeing her retain only her Twitter account out of all her social media accounts. According to critics, the exit affected her career so much that some wish she makes up with the label to get her career back.

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