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Smack League: Smackists cause inflation at Legends

by Editorial Team
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By Karim Ssozi

Buoyed by the fine weather, the Smackists arrived in droves at the Legends Grounds.  From the way the paced on the grounds, you told they were all eager for action. – With their legs, mouths and biceps.

It is those with the biceps that kicked off first. Their biceps were lifting beers at impressive speed long before the action on the pitch.  When the games kicked off at noon, fans were at different levels of inebriation.

It was non-stop action on the pitch as the old boys squared off (Photo: Karim Ssozi)

They shouted themselves hoarse as action took center stage. Vendors, Bushmen, Vikings, Cyclones, Mama Tendo, Block Owners amongst others. There was comedian Salvado fanning the humour on the afternoon.

There was support from the female wing as the Smack old boys tussled it out (Photo|: Karim Ssozi)

In some of the games, Lycans defeated Gladiators 1-0, while Block Owners thrashed Tsunamiz 5- 3, Knights edged Window 3-2, Mafiaz disciplined the Pirates by  3-0 . The Zulus were in impressive form when they defeated the Elite 4-0.

The Janzi band was on hand to provide entertainment during the outing (Photo: Karim Ssozi)

As the action took center stage, mouths were in overdrive, reminiscing on old times and comparing wheels.  The curtain call was a live performance by the Janzi band.


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