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Slay queen wants to ‘eat’ Aredo brothers

by Editorial Team
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By Ronald Kintu
Uganda has a couple of sports families and the Aredo one is among them with all the three brothers playing rugby. 
This has seen them become celebrities in the fraternity and beyond hence enjoying privileges that tag along like girls throwing themselves at you. 
Well, a secret admirer in Maria, the favourite granddaughter would not hold on anymore as she disclosed her crush on the brothers which has been on for years. 
“So I looked at the Aredo brothers, and I think I had a wrong crush. That other one is very chewable… Atte he has a beard and nice smile…”
Maria confessed her crush on the brothers, but her description kicked one out of the equation, Joseph Aredo who does not have a grown man’s beard.

Now, it is the two big boys in Erasmus and Gabriel who are in line to be eaten. The decision of live or not will be a discussion of two. 

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