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Sipapa fights tears as case is adjourned  

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By Ibrahim Bbosa

City socialite Charles Olim a.k.a Sipapa was dressed to the nines in a pristine suit.

He had the optimistic look of someone who was on the cusp of gaining momentary freedom through bail.   

However, as the minutes ticked by, it became obvious that he would be spending yet more time in Luzira Prison where he has been since September 2022 on robbery and burglary charges.

City Socialite Sipapa cut a forlorn figure in court on Monday. Photo. Ibrahim Bbosa

With tears welling in his eyes, he desperately looked at his lawyer for elusive answers but he (the lawyer Geoffrey Turyamusiima) couldn’t offer any.  

The socialite was in court on 29th May for his case hearing but the process did not go down as was planned as the Judge never showed up and the case was adjourned to July 3rd for hearing.

Sipapa’s lawyer Geoffrey Turyamusiima complained about the judiciary for tossing them up and down.

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