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Single men, women camp at hotel to be connected for marriage

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By Isaac Nuwagaba

Single men and women in Kampala City and the metropolitan areas have embarked on a journey to hunt for lovers to commit to the marriage institution.

Addressing over 300 singles, who turned up at the launch of Prime Singles Day Out project at Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi Kampala on Easter Monday, marriage counsellor and expert Susan Nsubuga Musoke said marriage needs commitment and should be treated as a life-time journey.

The event was organised by Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) church and Prime Radio.

“As a result of pride, many single ladies and men turn to prostitution and sugar mummies and sugar daddies, which destroys them before even getting children in life. Pride goes before a fall,” Musoke, who is also a head teacher, warned.

She told the guests, many of whom are divorced, that it’s high time they swallowed the pill of pride and lived in reality.

“Singles are crying out for marriage partners, but the moment you get into marriage, you must be ready for the good and bad things in life,” Musoke said.

She noted marriage is not a bed of roses.

Musoke castigated single youth who are overconfident and too arrogant, saying they are likely to fail in marriage.

Citing the biblical book of Proverbs 16: 18, she warned youth that the sin of pride is a dangerous offense in marriage and can spoil relationships, dating, courtship and church weddings.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to live humbly with the poor than to share plunder with the proud.”

Musoke added that pride leads to humiliation, advising singles to be humble and poor.

Moses Ssentongo, the Prime Radio managing director, advised the singles to desist from begging, peer groups and pressure and to shun the love of appearance which he said deceives.

On why the church and Prime Radio decided to support singles team up to create marriage partnerships, Ssentongo said they are looking at how they can help the public build firm foundations of marriages.

 “Professional young people are busy doing work and they do not have time for courtship and relationships yet they need children and create families,” he said.

Ssentongo said the project, which seeks to connect 10,000 singles from all over Uganda in different religious settings, employed a consultative approach to matters of single men and women in modern times.

“Although the radio belongs to the SDA church, we register singles from all denominations. We mobilise through churches and the international community,” he explained.

However, Ssentongo denied giving out a husband or wife. He said they instead suggest connections after entering details about individuals into their databases.

“We do not test HIV-AIDS here and what we shall do to you here is to register your data whether positive or negative, then we shall sort out to help you do selection based on your HIV-AIDS status in future.”

Ssentongo encouraged singles to take it upon themselves to find out the HIV-AIDS status of colleagues they want to marry for three times at the nearest health centres as recommended by the Ministry of Health in Uganda.

Arthur Wasswa, one of the single men from Bulenga who turned up for singles day out, revealed that he wanted a committed woman who is faithful, educated and employed.

“For us, men, it is difficult to get jobs after education because women are preferred in offices. I want a lady who has a job to push me up to when I am able to support the family,” he said.

Brendah Nafula, a designer owning a boutique in Ntinda, said she wanted a man who can provide for the family and who makes love excessively.

“I am strong and I do not want a weak man. I want one who cares and loves me to the fullest,” Nafula added.

Ruth Nalwoga, a primary school teacher with a diploma, who lives in Seeta Mukono, said she wanted an educated man, who is ready for an HIV-AIDS test.

“I am ready for marriage. I need a serious man who is educated and focused and who is God-fearing,” she added.

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