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Singer Zani Lady C releases the long awaited video of Maria

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By Kampala Sun Writer

Diaspora based singer and songwriter Susan Basemera alias Zani Lady C is on rampage after decided to re-embark on doing music.

The singer recently came back to Uganda for a short time holiday from United States California where she is an actress in Hollywood. While in Uganda, Zani Lady C met with singer and songwriter Nince Henry and she released two projects Nze mbiteleza and Nindako.

When she returned to California in December last year, she didn’t release any other song until a few months ago when she released the audio of the song Maria.

On Monday this week, the singer released the visuals of the song Maria and since then, it has been the talk of town as many appreciated the art in the music video. Being a singer and actress, Zani Lady C blended both her talents and used them in the Maria video.

While she showcased her vocal ability in the audio, she also acted well in the video of the song. Maria for starters is Maria is a love song that relates to love triangles, where one woman (Maria) dumped her boyfriend because he wasn’t doing well financially and after he moved on, found a new lover who is Zani Lady C and now financially well off, Maria turns around, wants him back but it’s too late.

In the video, the script rhymes exactly how the action is seen on the screens. The credit besides Zani Lady C for writing the script and acting in the video, it also goes to the video directors for coming up with a big sound.

Zani Lady C got famous for her classic song Ndoowa released more than 10 years ago and before she went into movies, she had songs like Golo Golo and Chimalo. She has acted in movies like Can You Keep a Secret, Love Collision and Little America among others.

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