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Singer Yoyo reunites with daughter

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By Mariam Nakalema

Singer Martin Nkoyooyo popularly known as yoy is back from the music doldrums.

Yoyo who was popular for songs such as Nkwekutte, Alululu, Ansaana, in the mid 2000’s is planning to reignite his music career with his daughter who only reunited with him recently.

” The time is now for me to rejuvenate my music career. It will a chance for me to perform again but more importantly, i will also teach my child music,” he said.

He reveals that they are already in studio and are working on a collaboration which will be released soon.

” I thank God for getting my daughter again. I cant imagine someone would hide her from me for this long. It is a happy reunion and i am ready to make the best of it,” He said.

A few years ago, Yoyo featured on Bukedde TV’s agataliiko nfuufu segment over a child custody battle. He had been denied access to his then 4-month old child by his then lover who told him the child belonged to another man. The revelation on Tv prompted Yoyo to cry like a baby drawing sympathy.

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