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Singer Nina Roz battling depression

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By Alex Balimwikungu

It’s easy to mistake celebrities as having it all, but behind the closed doors of those sprawling mansions, many are hiding ongoing battles with severe depression.

One such person is singer Nina Roz (Nina Kankunda). She has opened up about a long going battle with sadness, loneliness and anxiety all of which have left her depressed.

The singer who has in the past opened up about battling substance abuse doesn’t mention the reason of her latest spate of depression.  However, close friends speculate that it could have been triggered by her break up with singer and producer, Andrew Ojambo (Daddy Andre) in March 2021.

The Kapande singer reveals in an Instagram post that she is presently leaning on the support of friends, fans and family.

“To be honest its quite challenging to focus while going through depression and come out strongly and happy but I thank the Lord Almighty, everyone that was on set with me yesterday, thanks for your efforts my team,”  she stated in an Instagram post.

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