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Singer Naira Ali gifts social media fans

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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Naira Ali has gifted some of her lucky fans with surprise lock down money after she posted telling them to comment with their mobile Money numbers so that she should wire them up with some cash. 

When the singer put up the post, many thought she was joking but those who commented and attached their mobile money numbers received the money.

The kalango singer then posted a list of the people to whom she had sent money and some of them confirmed that they had got the money. A number of them ran to comment on her posts to see that they get a share of the money.

“I hope those on this list got the ka message. Mukola mugumila okwo ba sweety. Abatafunye lero, next time will be you. May God bless you all. Mbagala nyo,”she wrote and posted the list of people to whom she had sent the money.

“Thanks bambi Naira Ali, I can’t stop appreciating,”Noah Craine Akiiki, one of the recipients wrote in jubilation.

A screenshot captures Naira Ali’s random act of kindness to her fans (Photo: Internet)

She told the Kampala Sun that it was an act of thanks to her fans who had supported her and pushed her up til now. She said it was high time she gave back to them.

“My fans have been there for me. They supported me in all the times. In this time, I also have to return the love. As they wait for Nabbanja’s money to arrive, I thought I could also warm them up with this little that I have…,”

Naira Ali has been doing well lately and she seems to be enjoying cash in the USA. She has been busy promoting her two albums “I am Naira Ali” with songs like mwoyo, sikyalinda, kalango, ompanise and “Sounds of Naira Ali” with songs like tulo, dancing Tonite, muntu wange, mwerere, okikola otya and others.

Last year, a number of musicians donated food and money to their fans. This time, most of them are quiet and others are busy fighting to see that they get money from their formed associations. Some of them like other vulnerable poor, they are at the mercy of PM Nabbanja.

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