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Singer Naira Ali, Eddy Ssendi in bitter exchange

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

The is no love lost between US based singer Naira Ali and music critic Eddy Ssendi

When the singer came out and accused artistes of paying their way to stardom, Ssendi must have been incensed.

During his show on Saturday, the acerbic tongued Ssendi accused the American-based singer of being musically short like a nymph.

He also revealed how they years back met in America at USA Convention but couldn’t differentiate her from any average Joe. “I couldn’t tell who she is until she reached out to me and explained that she was a musician. Those people she is attacking have worked their way to the top,”   He argued.

Eddy Ssendi has is engaged in a bitter exchange with singer Naira Ali

Ssendis’s comments rubbed Naira Ali the wrong way. She blasted him in a long post on social media.   She argues that rather than give people proper advice,  he only offers bitterness, abuse and self –praise.

She wrote: ” Mr Ssendi and the likes, it’s unfortunate that people like you who should offer advice and counsel to our industry resort to venomous and bitter insults.

With all due respect, there is a big difference between opinions and abuse. This is where we go wrong as a people and country. When a Nation has Elderly Men who have nothing to offer but bitterness, abuse and self-praise, then we are doomed,”

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