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Singer Lil Pazo lost respect for his idols in Gulu

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By Ahmad Muto
According to singer Lil Pazo, the short time he was in Gulu made him lose respect for many artistes he grew up admiring. Lil Pazo said he was shocked to learn that some were there for weeks and never for once considered returning to Kampala, stating that all the hope they had left was in Gulu. 
“In Gulu, I found artistes I grew up admiring saying they were there for two months and not ever willing to get back to Kampala because the bank was in Gulu. Not like they had anything business to run in Kampala,” Lil Pazo said. 
He added that most of the celebrated artistes slept in lodges that they shared and accessed by jumping fences to get in and out because they were too broke to live normally. And worse, there were people who technically left the industry years ago also there inflating their numbers and complicating everything. 
“Industry people were sleeping in lodges, jumping over fences. They were not paying. There was always a group going there. I spoke to Abdul Mulaasi who told me he was shocked to see promoters he last worked with in the 2000s when he broke through and they said they had gone back to the village,” he added. 
Lil Pazo fell very sick with ulcers while in Gulu where he had joined his colleagues from the United Music Superstars Association for a meeting with Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Coordinator, Gen. Salim Saleh. He was first admitted to Bombo Military Hospital and later transferred to Nakasero Hospital from where he was discharged over a week ago.

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