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Singer Leilah Kayondo suffers meltdown

by Editorial Team
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 By Alex Balimwikungu

She’s been in the news for her on-off romance with tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga.

Last week she came scathing and calling Mbuga a useless lover. She termed Mbuga as an uneducated fool and warned him to steer clear of her home.  

The general perception was Leilah Kayondo had gotten out of order; many asked her to stay off social media as she could be suffering a meltdown.

They were not far from the truth. On Friday, viewers who caught her Instagram live video were kept wondering whether she is indeed fine.

She lambasted people who say that she shouldn’t have insulted him.

“Where I come from, there are so many orphans and he could have helped them. Why did he choose to help me? I was talented and I also contributed so much financially to my own career,” Leila Kayondo said

Kayondo, an orphan, begged for forgiveness from her family members, friends, and fans and vowed she wouldn’t go down the same confrontational road.

“Out of respect and legacy for my parents, I am not going to talk about that man again. But I deserve to be respected too. I am sorry for those I hurt with what I said.

I used bad words. To my family, my friends, my fans, my relatives, I am sorry and I will never speak about that man again, will keep my promise,” Leila Kayondo said.

She however vowed not to quit social media since she uses it for business.

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