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Singer Kabako runs riot at Corporate League outing

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Singer Roden Y, Kabako might be getting portly lately but his performance and energy levels are still up there.

He was the guest performer at the monthly Corporate League outing held at the Makerere University Business School ( MUBS) on Sunday

Singer Roden Y challenges a corporate league member to a dance. Courtesy photo.

There is a way people who occupy the VIP sections at events love to watch the action from a distance, occasionally nodding and clapping in modest fashion.

The crowd loved every bit of Kabako’s energetic performance.

Kabako never gave them that privilege. From the moment he set foot in the Nile Breweries sponsored tent, he went about groping women and challenging the big boys to join him in action

Corporate League Board Chairman Dennis Mbidde with a guest at the VIP section.

. Not done, he removed his shirt and pranced around like a possessed man. This got the crowd charged; many like Eddie Mugulusi reached for their phones to capture the moment.

Events Security expert, Dixon Okello was among those in attendance.

Had time permitted, Kabako would have performed dor hours on end. Debate then turned to what ‘cocktails’ he takes to have such energy.

Events guru Eddie Mugulusi captures the action on phone.

The Corporate League Board Chairman, Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo, revealed that the initiative to have the VVIP experience at the corporate league is paying off as CEOs, have returned to the league.

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