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Singer Jose Chameleone hospitalized

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Singer cum politician, Joseph Mayanja (Jose Chameleone) has reportedly been bedridden over the past few days.

A source close to the celebrated singer reveals that he was checked into a private hospital in Seguku, a city suburb on Thursday afternoon.

The source reveals that Chameleone could be battling a sickness related to excess consumption of whiskey.  

 Ever since he was discharged from Nsambya hospital in August 2020, the music doctor has tried albeit with little success to quit the bitter.  

  “At one point he was only drinking wine but after a few months, he relapsed and went back to enjoying his favourite whiskey,” the source relays.

Chameleon’s publicist, Stuart Kagoro confirmed that the singer is sick but dispelled speculation that he is battling alcohol abuse.

In August 2020, Chameleone was bedridden at Nsambya Hospital but at the time, many pegged it on “political fever” considering he was standing for Kampala city mayor.

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