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Singer Big Eye roughs up Dj at Kenzo festival

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja popularly known as Big Eye was involved in a scuffle at the Eddy Kenzo festival on Saturday at the Kololo Independence grounds.

The lanky singer who is presently riding high on his latest song, husband material, threw a fit when the event Dj refused to play his song.

Rather than approach the Dj in a civil manner, he threw a tantrum and attacked him with clenched fists. Sensing danger, the DJ ducked from his assailant.

Big Eye’s uncalled for actions, riled the crowd which booed him in unison. He later issued an online apology saying it was not his intention to ruin his brother Eddie kenzo’s festival.

” I.never intended to disrupt my brother Eddy Kenzo’s festival. I have a good song, which i have heavily invested in. I pleaded with the DJ to play it and he ignored me so i snapped. I apologize for whatever happened,” Big Eye later said.

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