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Sign language interpreter excites guests at Uganda Film Festival

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By Hussein Kiganda

Sign language expert Timina Wasike, who provided interpretation for individuals with hearing impairments at the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) on June 2, 2023, left attendees in awe.

In addition to interpreting speeches by hosts, guests, and award winners, Wasike surpassed expectations by interpreting the songs performed by artistes. She did this while dancing at the event held at the Uganda Institute of Communication and Technology (UICT) in Nakawa, Kampala.

Wasike’s exceptional performance particularly stood out during singer Jose Chameleone’s captivating act.

In an interview with The Kampala Sun, Wasike shared her deep passion for her work and the entertainment industry.

She expressed her desire to become a trailblazer in sign language interpretation, acknowledging that this field is not commonly pursued.

“My parents are hard of hearing and I am a proud sign language user/interpreter. Remember this is a venture not many are taking up, so I would love to be a champion at it,” Wasike said.

Wasike’s ability to dance and interpret songs using sign language is a rarity, and she may be the first in Uganda to showcase such talent. Her unique approach was especially meaningful at the event, as a significant number of People With Disabilities (PWDs) were in attendance. However, Wasike is not the first to pull of this feat.

Earlier in February, videos of Barbadian singer Rihanna’s sign language interpreter, Justina Miles, went viral. According to CNBC, Miles became the first female deaf woman to provide American Sign Language interpretation during the Super Bowl halftime show.

She showed off her dance moves while signing the lyrics to Rihanna’s throwback hits.

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