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Sheilah Gashumba slams bikini photo critics

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By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Sheila Gashumba has a message for people criticizing photos of her in a bikini that she posted on social media. The socialite flew to Turkish resort city of Antalya on Monday, and made it a point to let social media know about it.

However, as a typical social media community character, they got to rile her up emotionally, calling her out for always sharing her business online and bikini photos they hate to look at. Some argued that traveling is not so important they don’t get that excited to share their every move with the public.

No, she was not impressed and made it a point to clap back. She asked her critics to drop the habit of trolling travelers like her and leave it to those with what it takes to afford her lifestyle.

Sheila Gashumba lapping by the poolside in Turkey (Photo: Instagram)

She tweeted: “Anyone who doesn’t have a closet as big as mine isn’t allowed to ask me why I post bikini photos by the pool or beach I’m tired of comments like ‘why are you always naked’ first of all, I have more cloths than you so you can’t ask me such nonsense!!”

Then added: “Lockdown got people made about having a big Closet. I would hate to be sad like some of you are since y’all are going mad about bikini photos, next time lend me your jeans so I can wear them at the pool!! Until them, leave issues of travelers to those with passports and visas,” tweeted On Friday, July 23, 2021.

One glaring fact that her critics went for was her grammar for the umpteenth time, asking her to consider English classes instead of flaunting trivial things like passports and visas.
@Mutooroproud: “You can also leave issues of grammar to those in Harvard.”
@Ivanhennesay: “Kumbe having a passport is an achievement.”
@LoverofD: “It would also be good for you if you took a short course in grammar and English language.

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