Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Sheilah Gashumba re-verified by Twitter

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By Ahmad Muto

Microblogging app, Twitter unverified socialite Sheilah Gashumba’s Twitter account last month over abusing their community guidelines and user policy.

As you read this, her account @SheilahGashumba was re-verified and she immediately took a dig at men that call her via WhatsApp calls. According to her, because none is her boyfriend, they should first seek permission.

She tweeted: “If I’m not dating you, you CAN’T call me via WhatsApp without seeking my permission first!! No Whatsapp calls or video calls I got no time to waste.”

The tweet left a section of Twitter in stitches wondering why Sheilah who cuts a picture of a high maintenance socialite is receiving calls on WhatsApp as if her suitors and contacts can’t afford airtime.

Last we checked, she was dating singer Rickman. He is the only one with a pass to call her on WhatsApp without permission.

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